Go for the real-deal Mexican food but stay for the stories.

"Go for the real-deal Mexican food but stay for the stories told by the seventy-one-year-old, skydiving (6,012 jumps!), motorcycle-racing founder, Jose “Pepe” Magallanes. His son runs the kitchen now, visiting as many as seven markets a day to ensure the food is as fresh as it is authentic: Pepe is anti–Tex-Mex, allowing only dishes you’d find in Mexico City, his hometown."

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The food at Las Tortugas is astonishingly delicious

“Las Tortugas (Germantown) is tucked in a non-descript strip mall....Consider it a surprise attach-some of the finest Mexican food in this country is hidden away in the kind of spot you might expect to house a Subway.”



Must Eat: Memphis Beyond the Barbecue 

"You must eat the tortas, stacked with shrimp and avocado slices, from Pepe and Jonathan Magallanes's Germantown Cafe."

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Unmistakably the real deal

“...the food is the focus at Las Tortugas. It's great that we can experience authentic Mexican food thanks to the Magallanes' efforts to educate their customers about what it really should be. It's clear that what is offered at Las Tortugas unmistakably is the real deal.”

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The offerings at Las Tortugas are better fit for fine china than plastic baskets

"Just when I thought that Las Tortugas couldn't get any better, they started adding locally sourced meats to the menu....I'm a firm believer that the offerings at Las Tortugas are better fit for fine china than plastic baskets, but I'm happy to be able to enjoy them in such a warm and inviting atmosphere."

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The fish tacos at Las Tortugas are hard to beat

Thanks to the owner's dedication to purchasing the freshest ingredients every day before opening, the fish tacos at Las Tortugas are hard to beat...The flavors and textures combine perfectly, making this the best fish taco in town.

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Best tamales in town

Trust Local Chefs: Behind every good restaurant is a person who loves to eat. If you find yourself dining at a fabulous place, scare up the courage to ask the chef for his or her favorite spot in town

"Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana; Pepe's refusal to Americanize his Mexican food, and for the best tamales in town." - Chef Kelly English

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It simply doesn't get more authentic than this Mexican deli

“The Magallanes family prepares dishes like fish tacos, tortugas (traditional sandwiches) and the creamiest guacamole you'll ever taste fresh daily. They even import bottled Coca-Cola with real sugar (instead of corn syrup) from Mexico."

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Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s greatest culinary treasures...The breadth is inexhaustible. 

"Rather than rely on industrial food distributors for their provisions, Jonathan picks them himself by hand, from local farmers, international markets, and even the neighborhood Wal-Mart.

“We love having the freedom and flexibility to choose what looks good to us,” says Jonathan, who was born in Memphis but has spent ample time south of the border."

The local palate


A pure taste of Mexico City

“Ask either of them about their food, and you'll learn how important authenticity and quality are to them. Fresh, quality ingredients are a large part of the restaurant's success, and Jonathan personally shops for these each day.”

Taste of the South


English and Magallanes make friends, make food

"Ours are very different restaurants but with very similar philosophies of carefully sourcing ingredients and taking care of our customers," said English. 

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